Tuition and Bursaries



It is important to note that Oak Bridge Academy is operating as a not-for-profit school and that all efforts are being made to keep costs low while ensuring high quality education and low student to teacher & therapist ratios.


It is our expectation that students can function in a classroom without 1:1 support. This will be assessed during the interview process. If, once your child is accepted and he or she  does require 1:1 support, additional fees will apply. Depending on your child’s required level of support, additional tuition fees will be applicable. This will be assessed on an individual basis and determined by Oak Bridge Academy staff.


Ontario Autism Program (OAP) and Childhood Budget


If your child is receiving Ontario Autism Program or Childhood Budget funds this can be applied towards tuition.  If  you would like more information on this please contact

For tuition details, please contact us.


The Oak Bridge Academy Board of Directors is pleased to announce bursaries for 5 eligible students for the 2021/2022 school year (two $20,000 bursaries, two $15,000 bursaries and one $10,000 bursary). 


The Bursary Committee is comprised of two members of the Oak Bridge Academy Board of Directors: Jason Hynes, and Dr. Heather Henderson. This Committee selects bursary recipients solely on demonstrated financial need.