Q. Who are the teachers?

A. All of our teachers are Ontario Certified Teachers and are in good standing with the Ontario College of Teachers.  Our teachers are dedicated individuals committed to the success of the school. They are trained in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) and have previous experience working with children with special needs.


Q. Is transportation to and from Oak Bridge Academy available?

A. Currently, transportation to and from school is the parents' responsibility however they may be availability in our current parent arranged carpooling groups. 


Q. Does Oak Bridge Academy offer before and after school care?

A. Oak Bridge does offer before school care at an additional cost. Currently we do not offer after school care.


Q. What are the criteria for admissions?

A. We assess each student individually once we have received their application and supporting documentation.  We will consider any child who could benefit from a small classroom size and individualized programming, and who is academically ready.


Q. What are the grades at Oak Bridge Academy?

A. Oak Bridge Academy offers grades one to eight.


Q. Does Oak Bridge Academy offer Speech Therapy?

A.  Currently, Speech Therapy is available at Oak Bridge for an additional cost. We have a wonderful Speech Therapist that comes in weekly to work with some of our students. We would also be willing to work with a student's own private speech therapist and implement his or her recommendations.

Q. How are the students chosen?

A. We select students through an admission process, where they are assessed based on the best fit for the school and their readiness to access all components of the curriculum.


Q. Will the school expand going forward?

A. We will continue to assess school expansion plans on a yearly basis and dependent on community need.


Q. My child has fetal alcohol syndrome, can they apply to Oak Bridge Academy?

A. We assess each potential student, regardless of a diagnosis, based on their readiness to access all components of the curriculum.


Q. How do you anticipate transition into high school?

A. Our goal at Oak Bridge Academy  is to fully support students into high school, including making connections with their home school to ensure a successful transition.


Q. Is there a discount for siblings?

A. Since we are a charitable organization, discounts for siblings will largely depend on the success of our fundraising efforts. At this time we can not provide a definitive answer.


Q. Is there a sensory room?

A. Currently there is no designated sensory room at Oak Bridge Academy however we have incorporated many sensory spaces and items for our students use.


Q. What does the interview/assessment process look like?

A. The assessment will be play-based, getting to know your child's strengths and needs and ensuring they can get the most of out being a student at Oak Bridge Academy.


Q. How is tuition paid?

A. Tuition can be paid in full or in installments.


Q. How is tuition calculated?

A. At this time, tuition cost covers only staffing expenses. We continue to seek donations and engage in intensive fundraising efforts to meet all of the school's additional expenses. You can be confident that tuition is fair and all academy funding will support the students. Tuition is annually discussed with the Board of Directors.


Q. Who do I ask about the Ontario Autism Program (OAP)?

A. You may contact your regional provider to find out where your child is on the OAP waitlist.


Q. Does Oak Bridge Academy offer bursaries?

A. We make every effort to offer bursaries for our students through donations and fundraising efforts.


Q. What are the school day hours?

A. The school day runs from 9am to 4pm.


Q. What is the calendar school year?

A. The school calendar runs from September to June.

Q. Do PD days, Winter Break and March Break fall on the same days as the Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB)?

A. Yes, Oak Bridge Academy has the same PD days and holidays as the WRDSB.


Q. Are there additional PD days throughout the school year?

A. Yes, given that our school day is longer, we have additional non-teaching days. We will provide a school year calendar to all registered students.


Q. Does Oak Bridge Academy offer any summer programming?

A. Currently, Oak Bridge Academy does not offer summer programming.


Q. How will I receive progress updates on my child throughout the school term?

A. We issue two report cards per year. Teachers and parents will be in constant contact and we will facilitate regular meetings throughout the year. 


Q. Does Oak Bridge Academy follow the Ontario Curriculum?

A.Yes, Oak Bridge Academy follows the Ontario Curriculum.


Q. My child is non-verbal but uses a communication device. Can we apply to Oak Bridge Academy?

A. Yes, we will assess each potential student for their readiness to access all components of the curriculum.


Q. My child is currently unable to use the washroom independently, can we apply to Oak Bridge Academy?

A. It is our expectation that children are toilet trained, however, if they require assistance with the washroom routine, this can be worked on as a targeted goal.