Janet N, parent of Trent in grade 3, 3rd year at OBA
We are grateful to Oak Bridge for discovering our son has dyslexia and then training all staff to teach how he learns. They are very supportive and know how to motivate our son to intrinsically want to learn and be proud of his successes and efforts. His behaviour and interest towards learning has improved dramatically and he believes he’s smart. We are so proud of how he is thriving. We felt safe and secure knowing our son and all his peers managed to continue to learn and feel safe and supported through this unprecedented time. We know he will continue to thrive thanks to all the amazing staff that he loves and trusts to help him through some of his differences in learning.

Carm G, parent of Nolan in grade 2, 1st year at OBA
When COVID had our kids learning online, the teachers and therapists and everyone at Oak Bridge Academy jumped right in to make sure our kids had all the tools and support they needed. They spent their March break week creating a schedule that was individualized for each of our children to learn at home with one-on-one instruction. I’ll admit, I was skeptical-“how was my autistic son going to learn online-well, I was pleasantly surprised! My son, Nolan, had just registered at OBA and he hadn’t even met his teachers in person; but, let me tell you, their enthusiasm and love learning and all things fun, made Nolan’s online experience exciting and interactive. They made him feel like part of a class, while he still had the individual support to be learning the foundational skills he needed to learn.
Fast forward to September 2020 when all the kids are back at school and Oak Bridge Academy was ready! They have done everything possible to keep our kids safe while still being able to attend school in person. Honestly, I have never seen a more dedicated group of educators and therapists. My son comes home enthusiastic to tell me about his day and what he learned and what he did. He has friends and he learns about mindfulness and does yoga and meditation. The people at Oak Bridge Academy have created a school community where the students learn emotional resilience, foundational academic skills and they learn how to be “their true selves”. My son, Nolan, is better able to articulate to us what he needs, what he wants and to express his creative side. Since Nolan started at OBA, I have never regretted one day he has spent learning, creating and making friends. Every school should be like OBA—filled with acceptance, kindness while still inspiring our children to be their best selves. Thank you Oak Bridge Academy!


Melissa F, parent of Ryerson in grade 7, 3rd year at OBA
Oak Bridge Academy has provided my son with the opportunity to meet his potential and be properly supported. Our child struggles daily with anxiety, behaviours, and social skills. The programming allows him to excel academically at his own pace while significantly supporting his mental well-being at the same time. The staff are strong communicators and work with your family to ensure they are meeting your child's needs. They are enthusiastic, caring, hard-working, dedicated and most importantly, they are passionate about what they do.

Colleen C, parent of Blake in grade 5, 1st year at OBA
Public school became something to dread for our family. The worry over whether he would make it through the day or if we would get a call to pick him up after an hour was crippling. The regular school system just could not handle Blake and his exceptionalities. After searching the internet, we found Oak Bridge and since that first contact everyone has been so helpful and caring. After starting this past fall, there has already been a tremendous change and growth in Blake (and not one phone call to pick him up!). He is gaining the tools he needs to help him succeed in life and we couldn't be more thankful to all of the staff.


Parent of Rishi in grade 6, 1st year at OBA
OBA has been the single best decision we have made for our child. When a parent receives an unhealthy diagnosis for their child, they are faced with a unfathomable amount of stress, concern and robbed of a dream for their child. One of the concerns is a good quality education that is tailor made and educators that understand the complexity of the disorder and how best to ensure that a child can be supported and reach academic success, but still be within a school environment and not center based. OBA embodies all this and more for a child that requires an IEP in Ontario. For a parent like myself, OBA has reignited a dream I had lost for my son. A dream that he CAN one day have a career and be independent and thrive and live a happy life. OBA also takes a load off a parent. They take care and see through all needs for your child. I cannot say enough for all the staff and educators that work and run this school. They are on top of it all. I thank God that he gave a lady (Kathie Shaw) the vision, courage and grit to go beyond and open such a school for our children. I can’t thank the school enough. We are so lucky and blessed. I foresee OBA being the best private school for children with exceptionalities in Ontario.

Andrew and Melissa V, parent of Jack in grade 5, 3rd year at OBA
OBA has been life-changing for our family. Without question it has changed the trajectory of success for our son and we can see a future full of possibility! He is immersed in an extremely supportive learning environment, developing skills of resilience and flexibility that frankly we can all use, and most importantly has experienced the meaning of true friendships with his classmates. The teaching and staff team are absolutely exceptional. Thank you OBA!