Teaching Pedagogy:

At Oak Bridge Academy we believe in a blended learning approach. Blended learning includes: online digital media, traditional classroom methods, hands on, “real life learning”, 1:1 direct instruction and small group conferencing. This allows teachers to get to know the student's individualized learning needs and teachers can focus on strengths and needs of each student.

“Learning while doing” becomes an integral part of the teaching in a blended learning approach.

Online Learning: IXL

Oak Bridge Academy uses IXL, an online tool to ensure all students are remediated or enriched at the proper grade level. IXL uses has a 1. comprehensive curriculum with more than 4,500 skills covering math and language arts 2. Continuous diagnostics which pinpoints what the students know and exactly what to do next to help them improve 3. Personalized guidance where skill recommendations are provided to help each student fill knowledge gaps and 4. Analytics are provided real-time which help support instructional decisions.


In addition to IXL, and in keeping with our philosophy of a blended learning approach, and following evidence-based programming, we also use JUMP Math to support our students learning.

Language Arts:

Our language curriculum focuses on developing fluent and confident readers, writers and communicators.

In conjunction with IXL, and in keeping with our philosophy of a blended learning approach, and following evidence-based programming, we also use a variety of benchmark and guided reading programs to support all of our students. We also use Hand Writing without Tears ® and Kalbraics to support printing and handwriting.

Science, Technology and Social Studies:

Science, technology and social studies are taught using an experiential approach to learning.

STEM activities and philosophy are used as a core teaching tool.

Students are encouraged to experiment, problem solve and relate to the material in a way that will inspire creativity, problem solving, resourcefulness, patience and curiosity.

The Arts:

Self-expression is an important aspect of our program and incorporated in many areas of the curriculum.

Through the exploration of art and drama students are given the opportunity to be creative, take risks, build confidence and most of all, have fun!

Physical Education:

During physical education we work on coordination, balance, motor planning and teamwork through a variety of sports and activities


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